"When I came in for upper back pain I was in so much pain that it hurt to sit, stand, drive, walk, or sneeze! In no time Shelly has helped me feel like myself again. Through hands on manipulation and very thorough instruction on strength exercises I have bounded back quickly!"

- Teran H.

"When I first came to PT360, I was experiencing symptoms that were new to me. These symptoms were result of work-related, unnatural movements and strains on my tendons. The staff at PT360 have been fantastic in helping me identify and understand the cause of my symptoms and have done well to address them as well as educate me in regards to how I can address them on my own time. I now enjoy work and recreational activities with a great deal of increased comfort and reduced symptoms since having the benefits of services provided at PT360."

- Matt N.

"Following a knee surgery I immediately began physical therapy, and progress has been amazing! The graduated therapy (start with smaller muscles and moving to larger ones) has been life changing, at 2 months I had the most amazing experience - zip lining! I was able to give up the can after 1 week, at 3 months I was able to resume my previous 4 mile walk in my neighborhood. I have my life back and celebrate it daily! Thanks Shelly et. al.! Loving life again!"

- Marcia M.

"My first visit, I was stunned by my diagnosis-although it made sense with my constant pain symptoms, it was still an eye opener. When I was told that my arm bone was sitting out of place, it clicked why I was having so much pain, limited mobility and other various issues.

From day one, I was given easy exercises to do at home to start strengthening the minor muscles that hadn't been used for years. I'll admit, it was a really frustrating process for me at times. Here I was, a woman who used to do advanced yoga and 120lb triceps dips at the gym, and now I would get tired and sore from simple exercises using 2-4lb weights! I had to let a lot of ego go while training my body to use ALL of its muscles properly to align my bones correctly. Candis and Shelly were amazing support systems along the way. They not only listened to my concerns, but explained things in a way I could understand (sometimes over and over again for me). The handouts they gave are super useful for reference. I have learned how to help my body's bones and muscles sit where they are supposed to be and have been given the tools to continue to strengthen my body now that my PIP claim has ended. It's exciting to have that knowledge and training; I am feeling so much better and appreciate everything PT 360⁰ has done for me!"

- Krisa P.

"I limped into 360 with a painful knee injury. My PT, Joanne, worked hard to get to the bottom of it and within weeks I was walking normally and working out again. If I need a PT again, I will definitely be back. All of the staff were professional and kind."

- Amy C.

"I went to PT 360 because of pain in my elbow and shoulder. The pain was intense enough to interfere with my work and daily activities, like carrying a bag of groceries or even going on a walk with my arm swinging at my side. I had tried all the common sense things I could think of to make it better myself, but even with rest, ice, anti inflammatories and stretching, it just wasn't getting better.

Shelly at PT360 evaluated me and set up a course of treatment that included manipulation, dry needling, stretches and exercises. Over the course of about two months I saw Shelly and Joanne once or twice a week and, I did exercises and stretching at home. They were both very good at figuring out why I was in pain, explaining it to me, and ultimately fixing the problem.

Right from the start the pain got incrementally better, with just a couple of set-backs when I was unavoidably too active. When the pain was gone, we ended treatment and I was give a set of exercises to continue. It's been a few weeks since my last visit, and I continue to be pain free.

Everybody at PT 360 were really nice and totally professional. Joey and Liz dealt with all the insurance, so there was no hassle and everything went very smoothly. The facility is clean and bright and everybody is cheerful and nice to deal with. They get busy, so book your appointments out a few weeks in advance.

Shelly and Joanne made my pain go away, and I would recommend PT360 to anybody in need."

- Aixe D.

"I feel stronger and more knowledgeable about my physical health than before my injury. I feel totally ready to return to my old activities!"

- Chloe L.

"The days of cringing before I even reach for my shoes are gone!"

- Zach B.

"I have always told my friends, and health care practitioners, that the physical therapists at PT 360 work magic. They are so intuitive, and highly skilled at pinpointing problems and prescribing solutions."

- Susan C.