Portland Physical Therapy Clinic


At PT 360° we listen to you. We use no aides or assistants, so you work only with skilled physical therapists whose treatment goal is to help you recover and meet your goals. Whether you want to return to high level athletics, work, running, skiing, cycling, dancing, lifting your child, climbing your stairs or simply bending over without pain, we can help!

Portland Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our therapists are highly trained and skilled to provide you with a thorough evaluation and prescribe an individualized treatment plan. We don't just treat symptoms, we get to the root of the problem. We evaluate you and your problem, and plan your treatment together with you.

Our therapists also ensure that you will have a full understanding of your condition and will collaborate with you on formulating realistic treatment goals that will enable your return to activity. We also stay in close contact with your referring physician to more effectively coordinate your care.

PT 360° Sports Medicine & Spine Therapy Method

We know your time is valuable, and we respect that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to prioritize your wellness. For the hour you are with your PT, you have our full attention. Patients are always seen one-at-a-time, and on time. We think one-on-one individualized time with your therapist maximizes your rehabilitation gains as well as overall patient understanding. We know other clinics have a different take on patient appointments, but we think if we do an excellent job with you, you'll get better faster, and isn't that the goal?

We administer:

  • Manual therapy or specialized hands-on or techniques for treating soft tissue and joint restrictions, and for re-educating weakened or inhibited muscles.
  • Modalities such as interferential current, TENS, ice or heat may also be applied during the treatment to help relieve pain
  • Corrective exercise is also integrated to build strength and joint stability, help improve faulty movement patterns, build on and maintain progress, and prevent re-injury.
  • The frequency and duration of physical therapy depends on the severity of the condition or surgery, the general health of the patient, and any previous injury or prolonged duration of condition.

Getting you back to the life you want to live