Sunnyside in Portland, OR

Sunnyside is an artsy neighborhood located in Northeast Portland, Oregon. It’s a cute little town with some perfect restaurants and boutiques. This place is perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors because it has plenty of parks and hiking areas nearby. Sunnyside is also home to many talented artists, so if you’re looking for something different from your average tourist trap, this would be a great destination. They also have a vintage clothing shop on the NE corner that is worth checking out! Great coffee and good times abound here. Come check it out for yourself, or use our map to get directions if you’re already there! We love this place so much, we made sure to include photos from both inside AND outside. Learn information about Portland, OR.

You won’t be disappointed either way though, I promise, See below for more information about what they offer at Sunnyside. Sunnyside is a great place to live because of the community and history. It’s located near downtown Portland, which provides convenience for shopping and getting around town. The houses are kept up well by proud residents who take pride in living here. If you’re looking for affordable housing with character, Sunnyside may be your new home. People love Sunnyside because they have good access to downtown, but it still feels like an intimate community where everyone knows each other. There aren’t many shops or restaurants in this neighborhood, but everything you need is really close. Discover facts about May wood Park in Portland, OR.