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Our Practice Starts with You

You will feel at home as soon as you step foot in our Portland Physical Therapy Clinic. It is a place where healing and health are important, and where the practitioners strive to understand your rehabilitation and condition. We are about movement and freedom, and providing the support and treatment you need to maintain your long-term physical well-being. Every day we learn from our patients, and adapt to retain an environment that is both safe and nurturing.

It begins with a thorough assessment of your condition by a physical therapist. We carefully listen to you describe your concerns so we can be confident in the direction we provide with treatment. Your physical therapist will consider how your issues have developed, what conditions might be causing or inhibiting your condition, and how the activities of daily living are affected. The goal is to determine what you can do now, and provide a treatment plan to grow stronger with time. Our providers collaborate with you to make sure that all involved parties are aware of current status, progress, and future goals.

This begins long before you step into our Portland Physical Therapy Clinic. We look at your medical history, examine your current issues, and assess how they are affected by what you do. Your provider will discuss treatment options with you to ensure that everyone is on the same page about what to expect for results. Once we understand what you need, we provide it in a caring manner that honors your concerns and needs.

Physical Therapy You Can Trust

At our Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, we understand that you have a choice when it comes to your health care provider. We take this responsibility seriously and work diligently to earn and maintain your trust. Our providers are committed to excellence and will always be there for you – before, during and after treatment.

Physical Therapists

PT 360 Sports Medicine and Sports Therapy offers a unique approach to physical therapy. Every client is unique and we will help you create a customized program to achieve your wellness goals. To get started on your journey to recovery, visit our Portland physical therapy clinic. For lasting pain relief, we offer one-on-one, hands-on treatment, and individualized program designed around you and your goals.

About PT 360 Sports Medicine and Sports Therapy

PT 360 has been serving the Portland, Oregon area with advanced physical therapy for more than 20 years. We are committed to offering clients superior care through one-on-one treatment sessions, hands on manual therapies, prompt communication, educational resources and wellness programs. Our clinic is conveniently located near the University of Portland.

At our Portland Physical Therapy Clinic we offer a full range of physical therapy, sports medicine and women’s health physical therapy services. We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, hip pain, knee injuries and shoulder injuries. Our highly trained physical therapists will design treatments focused on your specific injury or condition, to help you recover faster and move better for improved performance. Our Portland team also offer sports-specific assessment, treatment programs and injury rehabilitation. We treat all types of sports injuries including ACL knee injuries, shoulder injuries, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow (lateral epicondyle tendinitis) hamstring pulls etc. Our female pelvic health therapists are highly trained in the treatment of bladder incontinence, pelvic pain and other pelvic floor dysfunctions. We offer a comprehensive office based program specifically designed to improve each woman’s pelvic health.

Insurance Benefits

Call our Portland physical therapy office at (503) 248-0360 to understand and verify your insurance plans benefits or schedule your first appointment. We are currently accepting new patients. Take care of your body and get back to doing what you love.

Highly Trained Physical Therapists Services

Here at PT 360 we offer numerous amount of services that can fit the specific needs of you or your children. Whether its a sport injury, work injury, an injury from an accident, or if you have been diagnosed with a disease such as arthritis we offer services to help you get back to normal and live a more comfortable life. Some of these services include Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Orthotics, and Hydro Massage. Here is a list of some of the areas we specialized in

Spine Care

Orthopedic sports rehabilitation

Women’s health

Men’s health

Dance Rehabilitation

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Training in Balance

Physio Fitness

Personal Training

Running injury and performance

Movement Impairments

Rehabilitation after surgery

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of highly-trained therapists, who combine manual and orthopedic therapy education with healthy lifestyles to help people achieve new heights. We will help you achieve optimal health and well-being by creating custom treatment plans that can be tailored to your needs. Our company is committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Volunteering our time and resources, we support local community events and service clubs. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our community. We are your local experts on musculoskeletal conditions and we want to support our neighbors in maintaining active, healthy lifestyles.

Getting Started

We are currently open for a limited time, so don’t worry if you feel stiff from sitting all day or are hurting from the extra yardwork and housework you have been doing. We can help you return to all of your favorite activities confidently and comfortably. If you are ready to continue your rehabilitation, please call the clinic and make an appointment with your physical therapy. WE ARE SEEKING NEW PATIENTS AS WELL.

Get in touch

PT 360 Sports Medicine and Sports Therapy

1215 SE 8th Avenue Suite D, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: 503-248-0360

Fax: (503) 200-1148

Email: Hello@PT-360.com


PT 360 Sports Medicine & Spine Therapy is conveniently located across the Hawthorn Bridge East of Downtown Portland. We are located on the corner of SE 8th Ave and SE Main Ave near SE Grand Ave. We are located in the Buckman Neighborhood of Portland, OR. With views of Portland across the Willamette River, Buckman is home to a number of microbreweries, as well as unique dining options such as the Vegas-style Tony Starlight Showroom and cutting-edge cafés like the wacky Rimsky-Korsakoffee House. Audrey McCall Beach and Eastbank Esplanade are two riverside attractions, along with a splash

What Our Raving Fans Are Saying About Us

The Therapists here are Excellent

“The therapists here are excellent. The work they’ve done on my neck, back, and foot has transformed my life. Sounds hyperbolic, I know, but to be able to move comfortably and safely once again IS transformative. In addition to performing fascia manipulation and developing my customized exercise program, my therapists have taught me a lot about physiology and body mechanics, so that I can make better choices in movement during activities of daily life such as driving and gardening. Another bonus here: the front office staff is fantastic at figuring out challenging appointment schedules, as well as wrangling insurance.” ~ B. House

The Care and Support You Get From PT360 is Unparalleled

The care and support you get from PT360 is unparalleled. I recommend them to everyone I know that’s experiencing a physical issue, injury or pain whether it’s new and acute or a longer term, chronic issue. They literally changed my life and my outlook on managing physical limitations and pain. I’ve seen several physical therapists and other body work specialists to treat a highly complex set of back, hip, leg and foot issues that arose after I had a disc herniate and had a partial discectomy and laminectomy (back surgery.) After surgery, my recovery was slow and my mobility was greatly reduced. Any type of sustained movement like walking or biking would cause extreme pain and spasms for hours or days. Sitting had become torture. I could anticipate pain and spasms with even micro-movements that lead to fear of movement and exercise altogether in an effort to avoid pain and sick days from work. I saw many specialists who offered little more than core exercises and I did these, but experienced little improvement and only had increased pain. A physiatrist even told me that my condition would never improve and that I should give up driving (I was only 34 years old, single, and driving was essential for work). I was more than deflated and resigned to living in pain…and increasingly became hobbled. Very few people could understand the mental and physical anguish I lived with and I didn’t feel like any specialist I’d seen truly understood this, most were very impersonal. I saw several physical therapists that never touched my back. They only took notes while watching me do core exercises for 15 minutes…and then the appointment was over. More commonly overtime the specialists I saw just wanted me to try to “imagine” the pain was disappearing, which I tried. But, the pain was too overwhelming to forget. I persevered but I got to a point where my hip wouldn’t work if I tried to walk more than a block. I simply couldn’t live that way. But, this situation changed completely when I found PT360. Not only did the physical therapist validate everything I’d experienced, they were able to provide instant pain relief using manual therapy and exercise. They were also cheerful, positive, and realistic about the work I’d have to put into the recovery, especially given the length of time I’d been dealing with the chronic issue (2 years of searching for relief). I felt hopeful and understood…finally! The pain wasn’t all in my head after all! It took several months of treatment for me to gain more mobility, avert the pain and spasms caused by regular everyday movement, but I looked forward to every treatment not only for the pain free life but the hope and support the team provided. Their method of physical therapy is unique, and personalized. Their approach changed the course of my life and gave me the confidence to keep trying new movements and to strive to overcome my physical limitations. Whenever I have a setback now, I know where to go for relief! ~ Lee Ann Lawrence

I am SO grateful and thankful for my Care Team at PT 360 Sports Medicine & Spine Therapy

“I am SO grateful and thankful for my Care Team at 360 Sports Medicine & Spine Therapy, from start to finish they treated me with respect, kindness, and some hard love to encourage me to walk again. I came to 360 Sports Medicine & Spine Therapy for help with healing and becoming mobile from a patellar tendon tear in my left knee. Candis, Joanne, and Sue – yall are the realest and illest group around. I always recommend it! :)? ~ K McCoy

You are in the right place if you are a skeptic

“This review has been a long time coming. Since most folks don’t like reading long reviews, You are in the right place if you are a skeptic, or have had half-fast treatment, and have been let down by the medical industry. I’m a recovering spine trauma patient dealing with a multitude of complicated symptoms. I have been to the “number 1″ highest rated spinal injury rehab facility in the US(Ability Rehab Chicago), and these practitioners are truly in a different league than anyone I saw in Chicago. I’ve been to 4 rehab facilities in 3 different cities, and to say that the treatment I get here at 360 is superior is quite the understatement. Consummate professionals. They know their craft. I was finally impressed with my care…And I’ve had quite a bit of it. These are the professionals that doctors send their friends to. ”

Couldn’t recommend PT 360 enough

Couldn’t recommend PT 360 enough. To be honest, I just recommended my partner as well as a close friend today. Amazing staff who are interested in continuing their education and practices to ensure the best quality of care and it REALLY SHOWS. Connecting chronic issues physiologically and identifying new problems I never knew were abnormal and needed attention. My life is SOOOO MUCH BETTER because of this women run and women owned company which is one of the reasons I sought them out to begin with. It is a perfect mix of hands on and hands off rehabilitation. Special attention is definitely given to me every visit with more than one therapist. Thank you Candis, Joanne, Sue, Shelly, and Katy!

I feel lucky to have found PT 360

I have a huge debt of gratitude for the PTs at 360. I have been healing this past year from frozen shoulder, which is about as painful as it sounds. I feel lucky to have found PT 360, as the methods and training I received was top notch. This is not a PT clinic that phones it in! Candis was my main PT. She was always encouraging through the peaks and valleys of rehabilitation, and found ways to customize exercises to my lifestyle and schedule. And she has a great sense of humor, which I appreciated. There is an overwhelming sense of care when you walk through their doors. As the entire staff at 360 works as one team. And their goal is clear, which is to heal all those who seek the help they need.

Everyone is extremely friendly

I have been going to PT 360 for a few weeks now for injury recovery and building strength in weak, hyper-mobile joints. Everyone is extremely friendly and they have been doing excellent at keeping things clean and sanitary during COVID times. I have received thorough care and feel like my PT is very knowledgeable about the body and how things work. She uses books with pictures, along with verbal explanations, to explain what is going on in my body and how we are working toward making it work better.

Enjoyable and Fun to Work With

I’ve been a client off and on for several years with a variety of complaints from injuries to surgery recovery. A great strength of this clinic is their teamwork approach. I’ve been treated by all four of the therapists for the same condition. They can coordinate my treatment with thorough communication – between themselves and with me. They share the same understandings combined with slightly varied individual approaches. This has definitely added to the depth of my healing and my confidence. Plus they are all enjoyable and fun to work with!

Far Exceeded My Expectations

The Wizards at PT360 have far exceeded my expectations and hopes of PTs in the area. I’ve been plagued with back pain and weak shoulder for years. With their talented team of experts they were able to get me not only pain free, but they encouraged me to gently return to my hobbies as part of my treatment. I had a mild relapse a few sessions back, and within a single session had alleviated all my symptoms and I was back on track to continued progress. I love the experience which each therapist, the operate like a hive mind and look forward to every session regardless of who I’m scheduled to see. 12/10 would recommend.